Startup Community Leadership Mission – Day 2 “Denver”​


Day 2

10:30 11:30 SheEO –

Heather MacKanzie SheEO Denver community leader.

SheEO raised $1000 from 1000 women. $1,000,000. SheEO offers 10 women entrepreneurs (company must be at least 50% female owned and have at least $50k in revenue) interest free loans to develop their companies. Loan term is 5 years / 20 equal payments over 5 years.

Once selected the female entrepreneurs are left to decide how much of the $1,000,000 each would get. This is a strategy to allow the entrepreneurs to understand their own negotiation and leadership tendencies. No two companies can have the same amount.

100’s countries around the world want them to establish a presence.

Heather also heads up 10.10.10 –

10 founders (to classify you must have had at least a $5mill exit). 10 wicked social problems. 10 days… surround them with industry experts and the work on solving that problem over the 10 days and ideally form a company at the end of it. 10.10.10 retains 4% equity

In 2015 2 teams formed companies

In 2016 8 teams formed companies

It’s growing year on year and Heather is looking for founders to participate each year. If you are interested reach out via the link above.
12:00 Thrive Coworking Space –

Thrive Workplace is where we met with Rockies Venture Club, but before doing so we had the opportunity for a tour around one of 3 of Thrives uniquely constructed workspaces. The founder being an architect has constructed the spaces to allow maximum flexibility and aesthetic appeal.

The place looked SICK 😉

12:30 13:50 Rockies Venture Club –

We met with Peter Adams Managing Director of RVC and his team Dave, Kaliegh, Ian… With a team of 4 people they are one of the largest angel groups in the world. 200 active angels. 160+ events each year including monthly pitch events, angel and entrepreneur training events, angel and entrepreneur accelerator programs amongst others.

Peter Adams literally wrote the book on Venture Capital for Dummies –

RVC focus on 3. E’s Events, Education (angel investors & entrepreneurs), Execution.

RVC has 12 key areas of focus when educating entrepreneurs and angels:

Tips for growing regional investor networks

  • Ensure high level content, low barriers
  • Consistent presence
  • Reach out to professionals for investors and entrepreneurs

– Accountants solicitors

– Economic development

– Chamber of commerce

  • 3 x E’s above
  • RVC is very open to further discussion to support Angel Investing in QLD

14:00 14:15 Ubers collect bags, bus transfer to airport


17:00 18:40 Flight from Denver to San Francisco


Dinner @ Delarosasf –

Vegan sausage and vegan cheese. Great pasta and pizza options

Learnings from Day 2.

  1. #givefirst
  2. A recent HBR article highlighted a study that indicated when applying for a job if a man has 30% of the skills required to fulfil a job, he is likely to apply. By contrast a women who might have 90% of the skills required to fulfil a job is just as unlikely to apply.
  3. As a male (for the record I’m someone who considers women equal and sometime struggles to see the disparity) we can play a role in supporting female entrepreneurship, simply by encouraging them to have a go.
  4. Swim Lanes – this is my swim lane, that is your swim lane. Good reminder for founders to know who’s in what swim lane
  5. David Cohen indicated their top 5 things they look for in teams when recruiting for Techstars is team, team, team, market, idea. Peter Adams suggested #1 for RVC is a clear path to exit (everything else falls in behind to support that). If you aren’t looking to exit at some foreseeable point, then you aren’t invest-able.
  6. A founder who thinks about his “second” customer demonstrates next level process. Primary customer being who buys your product. Secondary customer who is going to buy your company.
  7. A gap is apparent in the Regional QLD ecosystem in educating Angels Investors and Entrepreneurs about how to effectively utilise each other (see notes in article)
  8. The people in Denver/Boulder are high level, but they are genuinely keen to connect and keep connected. Ensure efforts are made to keep connected and always seek to #givefirst

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