June 23, 2016


Looking to develop a startup & innovation ecosystem in your region? We recommend the following resources:

Industry. 2016. Innovation and Science Policy Report – 2016. Sydney, Australia.

Industry. 2016. The Role and Performance of Accelerators in the Australian Stratup Ecosystem. Sydney, Australia: University of NSW.

Technology Innovation Management Review, 2016.  Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Australia. Vol 6, Issue 6 http://timreview.ca/sites/default/files/Issue_PDF/TIMReview_June2016.pdf

Isabelle, D. A. 2013. Key Factors Affecting a Technology Entrepreneur’s Choice of Incubator or Accelerator. Technology Innovation Management Review, 3(2): 16–22.

Mason, C., & Brown, R. 2014. Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Growth Oriented Entrepreneurship. The Hague, Netherlands: OECD & LEED.

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Stam, E. 2015. Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Regional Policy: A Sympathetic Critique. European Planning Studies, 23(9): 1759–1769.

Queensland Government. 2014. South East Queensland Startup Ecosystem Report. Brisbane, Australia: Queensland Government.

Queensland Government. 2015. Regional Queensland Startup Ecosystem Report. Brisbane, Australia: Queensland Government.

World Economic Forum. 2013. Entrepreneurial Ecosystems around the Globe and Company Growth Dynamics.
Davos: World Economic Forum.

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