Startup Community Leadership Mission – Day 3 “San Francisco”​


Day 3

09:00 -11:00 Runway –

Runway is a 30,000 sq ft coworking space with a capacity of 240 desks, on Market Street, inside the Twitter building. Stella the community manager highlighted 4 key focuses for Runway:

  1. Coworking
  2. Accelerator
  3. Events
  4. Corporate innovation

Corporate innovation is connecting corporate partners with startups, the intention being to support corporate research, developing partnerships between corporates and startups and facilitating acquisitions.

Runway differentiates itself through initiatives which support:

  1. Community
  2. Diversity 40% are from outside the US

We were lucky enough to share breakfast with the Runway crew and the startups working from Runway.
12:00 13:00 Angel Labs –

Angel Lab – 6000+ investors. Largest investor network in the world. 44 countries

Angel Lab has 3 key focuses:

  1. Investor cultivation & identification – high networth’s, family officers, etc…
  2. Education – largest selection of investment programs in the world (new & existing investor programs + vertical programs ie: female investor development)
  3. Spotlight in different ecosystems around the world

Angel Lab is like Startup Weekend for the investment community. They look for a strong champion / consortium, to create a presence in regions around the world. The intention being to train/support regions to lead investment opportunities in their regions, so that Silicon Valley investors can co-invest alongside them. Silicon Valley investor need coinvestors to be at a certain standard which just isn’t a reality at the moment. Angel Lab is working to change that.

Angel Lab’s goal is to take their programs / network to as many regions around the world, as quickly as possible.
14:30 – 15:30 ReadWrite Labs Tour –

Readwrite Labs – Internet of Things Accelerator

7 cohorts – 92 companies. Targeting functioning prototype to series A startups (from around the world). Key verticals presently include: Devices + Other, Health & Fitness, Smart Cities, Automotive, Industrial and Fintech.

Thoughts on Crowd Funding

  1. Make sure you’ve killed the pig 🐷 ie: the prep is so well planned that you know you’ll get it
  2. Don’t do it just for the money.. it’s not worth it. The risk is far too great. Only do it if you are doing it for market validation also. It’s too much work, the risk it too great.

Wearable tech – what is the big one? It hasn’t been discovered yet. Fitbit is the only IPO in wearable tech thus far… what is the big one going to be?


16:00 17:00 Startup House –

Founded by Australian entrepreneur ‎Elias Bizannes. Elias also founded Startup Bus (which is launching in Australia in April 2017)

Startup House offers Coworking / Incubator – 8 weeks / Accommodation

Accommodation is very basic. Elias suggested that it’s designed to typify the startup bootstrap mentality, offer a landing pad for people coming to Silicon Valley, community and connection into Silicon Valley.
18:00 21:00 Weekly Meetup Drinks for Aussies in Tech in San Francisco –

A meetup for Aussies who work in tech. The big goal of this meetup is to give people who are visiting for one week, at least one event with Aussies to attend.

Who’s behind this? Mick Liubinskas – Co-Founder of muru-D, Pollenizer, investor in Startmate. Living in SF since 2016.

I meet 3 really cool Aussies who I’m certain will be friends moving forward J
Photo courtesy of Dr Baden U’Ren

Mels Diner – Dinner –

Super limited Vegan options. Ended up having an Alfalfa Sprout, Tomato, Avocado sandwich
Key learning from Day 3:

  1. The people over here are not superhuman
  2. Founders move from all over the world to the Valley for the connections, the community. The culture is to always be sharing connections, because when everyone is sharing, everyone is also receiving. Whilst the AU culture is far from this open, within our regional startup hubs we can facilitate and grow this culture until it begins to infect the broader communities.
  3. Tyler at Runway “In San Francisco you can take what entrepreneurs say and cut it in half … they have to bolster themselves!”. As we previously mentioned this is a practice for Aussies. Tyler further suggested that “if you say how great you are, if someone else says how great they are and collectively you say how great the partnership is… then the broader context is that, it creates a perception of greatness.”
  4. Say things are working well until they are
  5. A sense of brotherhood / sisterhood if forming amongst startup community leaders with greater awareness around not reinventing the wheel in each region, but rather leveraging each other’s strengths / resources to fill gaps in our local ecosystems and build individual opportunities.
  6. Angel Labs rep suggested that they hear more about Brisbane as the place where startup stuff is happening in Australia than Sydney. Myraid was on their radar. You have to give the State Government due credit for the work they have been doing to support startup & innovation in the state. @AdvanceQld
  7. Startup House “Empowering people who disrupt the status quo”
  8. Despite some meal choices, I feel remarkably at home here 🙂

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