June 12, 2016


Are you someone who has the drive to become a Startup & Innovation Coach for your region?

theSPACE Australasia will work with you to learn all facets of startup & innovation ecosystem development. Why would you want to?

1. You can make an excellent income as a startup & innovation coach

2. As one of the key drivers of the ecosystem, you will be at the heart of almost all opportunities. This attracts quality skills and resources to you, so that you will not only be in the best position to assist these people, you will also be in the best position to be apart of the best quality ideas as they emerge.

theSPACE Australasia will:

1. train you to develop your own consultancy, you can call it whatever you like

2. be there to mentor and connect you and your clients to key people of influence

3. teach you how to effectively “turn ideas into reality”

4. train you how to effectively coach startups, inventors and innovators in your region

5. essentially we’ll train you how to bring this startup & innovation ecosystem to life in your region

Ecosystem Flow Chart


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