July 4, 2015


theSPACE Cairns

Over the past four years, theSPACE Cairns, which has now grown to a team of five staff members – has been working with key strategic partners to build a startup and innovation ecosystem in Far North Queensland. The model is designed to fit the needs of our own region, but is also being developed as a replicable and sustainable model that can be “exported” and applied to other regional areas in Australia and beyond. Although no “one size fits all” approach is possible (or desirable, given the different opportunities possible in each unique region), we have identified fundamental concepts that apply to most regions and can be customized as needed.

theSPACE Australasia 

Recognising the need to be developing our own startup businesses theSPACE Australasia is our parent company that all our related businesses sit under.

theSPACE Cairns

Emerging Entrepreneurs

Innovation Ecosystems

IoT Australasia


Innovation Ecosystems

Innovation Ecosystems is an organisation of theSPACE Australasia which we use to spread our model beyond Cairns.



Troy Haines is Co-Founder and CEO of theSPACE Australasia. He is also a Startup and Innovation Coach who has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs across Australia to help them commercialize their ideas. Amongst many awards, he was named Innovation Champion in 2014 by the Minister of Innovation and Premier of Queensland. He was also inducted into the Queensland Government Innovation Wall of Fame for his work in building the NQ startup & innovation ecosystem. Troy and the team at theSPACE have developed startup and innovation programs, which they deliver across a wide audience, from high school students and SMEs to government (and everyone in between). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business (Marketing) from Australia’s Charles Sturt University and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Adelaide.

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